About Little Black Boots

The name is Jill Wallace and I am an LA based blogger and lover of all things clothes, shoes, and good eats - preferably sweets, and lots of them.
Photo: Laura Izumikawa

This blog is an outfit diary inspired by everything from editorials, to bloggers, to ladies walking down street. My boyfriend Zach is the man behind the lens and resident IT guy. Together, we make up the duo that is Little Black Boots. Thanks for following our little adventures all around Southern California. Life's a funny journey, and the way we're dressed makes it that much more fun.  


What kind of camera does Zach use?
Zach says: "I started out with a Canon Rebel and a 'nifty fifty' (50mm  f/1.8) and shot with just that setup for a year before adding more lenses. All you really need is a good prime lens, ample sunshine, and a fun person to take pictures with! 

Where are your favorite places to shop?
Online! Big crowds at malls and the stress needing to make a decision in a store is just not for me. I can stalk and debate over items I want from the comfort of my home and then have them delivered to my door. I don't have a particular place I always go to but I love boutiques like Luna B and bigger stores like Asos, Nasty Gal, and Top Shop. Urban Outfitters and Forever 21 will always be staples.  

What do you love to do outside of blogging?
The fashion world pretty much encompasses everything I love and am fascinated with. Styling is always something I'm drawn to obviously because I style myself on a regular basis. I also love buying. It's like shopping on steroids being able to choose and basically curate what you feel will be in style and what others will want to buy. Other than that, I love traveling, music, drinking wine, and dinner with friends who make you laugh so hard that it's hard to breathe. 

How do you decide where to shoot?
Our shoots are either planned or taken during an activity spent in our free time. Calling our shoots "planned" may be a little misleading. They usually consist of getting into the car and driving until something grabs our attention. The spontaneity makes it feel like an ongoing adventure and exploration of where we live.  


  1. You guys look like an adorable couple! Love your blog. :) - Stephanie


  2. Where are you from? You're gorgeous and I love your blog!

  3. Hi, cute people, you look absolutely awesome, a very beautiful couple and a working duo behind the scenes of Little Black Boots. I discovered your blog just over three minutes ago, and I really liked it. I share the same interests, fashion is my huge obsession. Would you like to follow each other? Happy Valentines to you guys! Zhanna, www.stylehenge.com

  4. Hi, I love you style and I think you are georgous. I know you don't blog about make up, but please, please can you do a tutorial on how you do your eyeliner ?

  5. I like your blog and you and your bf look cute together.

  6. I love your blog! Discovered you on Instagram and I've loved you ever since.

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  9. I absolutely adore your IG feed and your blog! Honestly, you're one of my biggest inspirations in the influencer world. The "theme" of your feed is exactly what I've been going for..and failing... do you mind sharing what editing apps/tools you use on your photos? XOXO, Aly (IG: @alygepz Blog: www.accordingtoaly.com)

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