Thursday, October 30, 2014

el norte

Photos by Enrique Espinoza

Last weekend I made my way north to the city by the bay- San Francisco! It has been far too long since my last visit. I love San Francisco mainly because up north is so incredibly different from down here. If you live in California you will probably agree we might as well be two different states. One of my best friends moved up there two years ago and I am a bad friend who is only getting up there now. Better late than never? Dear God I hope so. The weekend was filled with tons of laughs, lots of wine, and a copious amount of cheese. Seriously though, I've never eaten more cheese in my life. Before arriving I requested a picnic because ya girl loves a picnic. Literally as we were walking to the park, champagne in hand, the clouds opened and I felt an unfamiliar sensation on my skin...rain! What the?! foreign to me since I live in a barren desert called Los Angeles. Thankfully the storm calmed down just enough to sneak in a little happy hour before sunset. I had such a good time and will have the best memories of dancing to 90's R&B, eating the greatest burrito of our generation, and getting a Lyft ride to the airport for only $7. Memories ya'll. Until we meet again Yay Area! 

Hello Molly denim skirt / Tularosa violet faux shag coat / Grafea leather backpack 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

days are gone

What a week! My social calendar was equal parts fun and exhausting. Between work, events, and a closet sale- ya girl is tired! The highlight definitely had to be the 10th anniversary of the Pink Party by Elyse Walker. It is a charity event that raises money for cancer research. In its ten years, the charity has raised over 10 million dollars. No, that is not a typo- 10 MILLION DOLLARS. I was lucky enough to be invited by my friends over at NBD clothing. Star studded is an understatement. The event was hosted by Jennifer Garner, who is beyond hilarious, and Rachel Zoe who, hell yes, I got a picture with. The room was quite intimidating. I have never been to such a thing and not sure if I will ever go to anything quite so glamorous again. I left feeling very flattered to be there and very grateful for the opportunity. It was a great reminder of how life constantly surprises me in the most incredible of ways. 


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

red, red, wine

The minute I saw this dress I immediately knew I had to have it. All that lace plus the lace...up. Just too good! I ideally would wear it with tights and a leather jacket. But such layers are not permitted quite yet. And yes, I can't seem to take these boots off. They just spice up an outfit in no time flat! Lacey frocks aside, I have a pretty busy week. No rest for the wicked that's what I say! There was a period last year where I found myself aching for more to do. So when I have my occasional meltdown due to feeling overwhelmed, I remind myself of that time. Stay hungry, never thirsty my friends. Also, I'm having a closet sale this Saturday, the 18th, in Costa Mesa. If you live in the area, you definitely must stop by even if it is just to say hello! I'll post more details on my Instagram soon! Til we meet again babes. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

don't trip

Oh life. Ain't it one crazy trip? This is the portion of the program where I serve up a little life update realness! My current state is feeling a tad overwhelmed. Between working full-time, blogging full-time, being in a relationship, and trying to keep friendships afloat- I'm starting to wonder how does one fit it all in? I don't consider myself a total introvert, but I definitely require alone time to recharge my batteries. I'm so grateful for the opportunities that come my way because of the crazy fact that people seem to enjoy the way I dress. My take-away from all of this is that I need to really step it up and manage my time better. I have such a mellow approach to most things in life and am quickly realizing that this sort of stoner mentality just isn't going to fly. 2014 is more than halfway out the door so I plan to make the rest of the year completely worth my while. Relationships and work life- I'm coming for ya! 

Lace & Whiskey sass dress / La Moda alyssa fringe bag / Jeffrey Campbell countess boots 

hang time with jenn im

I am SO excited to share with you the amazing project I filmed last month with my oh-so-talented friend Jenn Im of Clothes Encounters! She has her very own show with Refinery 29 where she gets to raid some of her favorite closets. I am super honored to be a part of this series as well as the very first episode! We had a blast rummaging through my things and of course taking many breaks to giggle our heads off.

Be sure to check out my episode on Refinery29tv! I know I'll be stalking this show throughout all the closet tours...because I'm nosey like that ;)

Jen's Pirate Booty cherokee rose maxi dress / Tularosa rosella maxi dress / PYLO gypsy bellbottoms / Stone Cold Fox ziggy jumpsuit / For Love & Lemons precioso dress

Monday, September 22, 2014


Sometimes a dress enters your life that is so dreamy and fits so well you almost don't believe it's real. Enter this beauty by Tularosa, which is the bohemian sister brand of my beloved Lovers + Friends. I'm obsessed with this neckline so I naturally had to drape myself in some long necklaces paired with chokers. I had a fun weekend hanging out with friends and celebrating birthdays. I'm not big on my own, but boy do I love celebrating other people completing another year around the sun. But next year, my friends, that all changes because I'm going to do it up big! Until then, BRB, gotta go swing. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

elastic heart

Photos by: Silke Labson 

Everyone has their own way of relieving stress, tension, and all the other annoyances that life brings about on occasion. I'm too impatient for baking, and I never got quite good at knitting, so my stress reliever is taking pictures. Or I should say, having pictures taken of me. I don't know how to describe it other than being very liberating. I block out all other distractions for a bit and literally get lost. That sounded really deep- it ain't that deep. It's mostly just fun. It's like I'm playing a character of whoever I feel like being that day. Could be a sassy bitch, a desert diva, or a playful princess. The world is my oyster! I'm lucky to have talented, multi-hyphenated friends like my girl Silke to twerk in the desert with. We hit the road, french fries in hand, and made it just in time to get silly before the sun set. A successful afternoon indeed. 

Patrons of Peace clothing