Thursday, September 18, 2014

elastic heart

Photos by: Silke Labson 

Everyone has their own way of relieving stress, tension, and all the other annoyances that life brings about on occasion. I'm too impatient for baking, and I never got quite good at knitting, so my stress reliever is taking pictures. Or I should say, having pictures taken of me. I don't know how to describe it other than being very liberating. I block out all other distractions for a bit and literally get lost. That sounded really deep- it ain't that deep. It's mostly just fun. It's like I'm playing a character of whoever I feel like being that day. Could be a sassy bitch, a desert diva, or a playful princess. The world is my oyster! I'm lucky to have talented, multi-hyphenated friends like my girl Silke to twerk in the desert with. We hit the road, french fries in hand, and made it just in time to get silly before the sun set. A successful afternoon indeed. 

Patrons of Peace clothing 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

help me lose my mind


I've loved septum piercings for a while now. Seeing it on bad ass chicks has a tendency to do that to a person. Fun fact about me- I am deathly afraid of needles. I also may or may not have commitment issues. For example, I love tattoos on other people. Don't even get me started. But when it comes to getting some permanent ink on myself I cringe and seclude to the closest corner. So, for all the commitment phobes/needle freaks out there- try out a faux septum ring. Kind of like training wheels in the form of nasal adornments. Is it wrong that at my age I'm still worried my mom will get mad at me for getting a piercing?! 

Child of Wild fililí choker, tuareg arm cuff set, and mali faux septum ring / Stone Cold Fox jerry jumpsuit 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

the craft

It doesn't seem like the temperatures here in LA are dying down any time soon. We're in a motha f*ckin heat wave y'all. It's a funny coincidence considering this is the time of year when most girls start to get the itch for fall clothing. The cries of women yearning to wear coats and boots can be heard and felt throughout the southern California lands. We're like ugh, I'm so over you tank top and denim shorts. Until the temperatures drop, I will be donning outfits that I consider transitional just to pretend like it's a necessary move (it's not). I've also been really into chokers lately. Like really into them. I'm not a huge jewelry person. Mostly because I find it fussy and am a huge advocator of being comfortable and sans the previously stated inconvenience. However, chokers are my jam which is crazy because they seem like they would annoy the crud out of me. Bonus points that they go so well with the style I'm currently gravitating towards which is dark, gothy, vamp vibes. Had to rock my favorite pair of Dr. Martens with this look cause, duh. Until next time my lil angels! 

Gypsy Warrior suspender skirt and velvet dagger choker / Dr. Martens holly platforms 

Friday, September 5, 2014

live in levi's

The western vibes are alive and well! I've teamed up with Levi's and Lookbook for a fun collab which was made even better because I got to shoot it with my boo Eugenie of Feral Creature. But wait, there's more. Our tag team blog escapade was shot by our other boo, Michelle! So amazing having such talented, babe-ing friends. Never have I ever shot blog pics with a friend before so this was quite the treat. We both threw on our favorite Levi's piece and transformed into some denim divas. I loved seeing how different our styling was for the shoot. I of course couldn't escape my boho ways. Eugenie is a chameleon and can pull off so many styles. This day she went the preppy route. Très chic. I'm excited to wear this denim western shirt all the way through winter. Do I sense a Canadian tuxedo in my future? The answer is yes. Yes I do. 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

weekend warrior

Summer may technically be over but if you live in southern California you know the summers here are endless. It's around this time that girls start to fiend for colder weather so they can wear their neglected collection of scarves and jackets. I wouldn't say I'm quite ready for the cold, but Lord knows I love me leather jacket weather. You don't realize how lucky we are to not have to bundle up each and every time we step out the door. Spoiled rotten I tell you what! So since I love to cheers- cheers to the end of summer and still wearing white after Labor Day. I break rules!! 

Daily Look slip dress, knit cardigan, and mules / La Moda alyssa bag / ZeroUV sunnies  

Monday, August 18, 2014

one last golden hour

The last couple of weeks, days, hours, have brought on some new changes. I chopped a ton of my hair off, which may not be very obvious, but for someone who is used to having an insane mane- it was pretty traumatic. I am still getting used to being 5 inches lighter. The other major change would be the fact that my other half has moved away for 3 months to El Salvador. For the past 3 years of our relationship, I've been waiting for this day to come. I always knew he would be gone for give or take a year for the last leg of his grad program. He now will be gone for 6 months total so I kind of scored a bit. He left today on a plane at 7am. In preparation for his departure I think we stayed awake for 24 hours straight. So yah man, I slept all day today. I cried last night and I cried at the airport. But I'm a big girl and have for sure put on my big girl pants. Tomorrow I'm going to Magic in Vegas and then am going to FYF this weekend. Lots of engagements that I am grateful for. Distractions! So cheers to soaking in these last few weeks of summer!

For Love & Lemons precioso dress via Largo Drive / Jeffrey Campbell countess boots / Mr. Kate ear cuff