Buxom Bold Gel Lipstick

posted on: Thursday, October 1, 2015

Photos by: Olivver Simon

When it comes to my makeup routine I rarely stray from my norm. I like to keep things as simple as possible but some days I get the urge to spice things up...just a bit. I usually do this one of two ways: add highlights OR add a bold lip. 

For this glam-fest I turned to Buxom's collection of Bold Gel Lipsticks. I tend to be a bit indecisive so picking between the 30 shades proved to be both a blessing and a curse. So, in classic indecisive girl fashion I accepted that since I couldn't choose one, I'd just take both! (heh, heh, heh)

I set my sights on the shades Voodoo Spice and Racy Reveal. The light pink is great for the day while the darker, burgundy color screams let's grab a cocktail! A major plus for me and my chronically dry lips is how moisturizing these are. 

It's pretty amazing how much a lip color can completely transform the vibe of a look or even your overall demeanor. For instance, my boyfriend says when he met me my red lips were pretty intimidating. I'll take that as a compliment! But moral of this story is that if you're looking for an easy way to change up your look to feel strong, bold, or flirty- there's nothing easier than grabbing your favorite shade. Throwing shade optional ;)  

Buxom bold gel lipstick

an ode to an oldie

posted on: Sunday, September 27, 2015

Photos by: Olivver Simon

So here's the thing- I've posted an outfit about this dress before. But here's the other thing- I wear it so often that I can easily justify it. What's not to love? Helps a girl out on a bloated day, perfect in the fight of woman vs. heat wave, and it's black therefore suitable for most occasions. 

This time around I gave it a slight, and I mean slight, fall touch with some lace up boots and a statement belt. I wasn't kidding about the heat wave not letting up!! Let's see how long this frock stays in heavy rotation. 

Urban Outfitters urban renewal maxi dress / The Lair deluxe hendrix belt / Matisse Footwear vixen

from coast to coast

posted on: Saturday, September 26, 2015

Photos by: Olivver Simon

I didn't have much any time for shopping while I was in New York last week. But while walking to dinner I stopped by The Vintage Twin pop-up shop where I scored this lil denim number. When I shop vintage I am very drawn to denim anything. They are the pieces that are the most unique to me. I was also very happy I didn't have to go to dinner in the cut-offs I was wearing. Too much leg after 5pm, am I right?

The Vintage Twin denim maxi dress / Luiny faulty collar / Capwell + Co cocktail hour necklace

there's gonna be good times

posted on: Saturday, September 19, 2015

I am a lover of boots (hello captain obvious!) and outfits that look like I'm one step away from Uggs. But don't worry I would never wear those!...outside of my house that is ;) 

But back to business- when I think of fall I think of layers and lots of them. I love wearing these boots from Indigo Rd. with over-the-knee socks and flannel dresses. But This time around I took it in a different direction with an oversized maxi and shaggy jacket. To keep the loose and undone look going, I added a wrist full of bracelets and long necklaces. 

Now all I need is for this pesky heat wave to take a serious hike!  

Indigo Rd. cherish tall boots