one last golden hour

posted on: Monday, August 18, 2014

The last couple of weeks, days, hours, have brought on some new changes. I chopped a ton of my hair off, which may not be very obvious, but for someone who is used to having an insane mane- it was pretty traumatic. I am still getting used to being 5 inches lighter. The other major change would be the fact that my other half has moved away for 3 months to El Salvador. For the past 3 years of our relationship, I've been waiting for this day to come. I always knew he would be gone for give or take a year for the last leg of his grad program. He now will be gone for 6 months total so I kind of scored a bit. He left today on a plane at 7am. In preparation for his departure I think we stayed awake for 24 hours straight. So yah man, I slept all day today. I cried last night and I cried at the airport. But I'm a big girl and have for sure put on my big girl pants. Tomorrow I'm going to Magic in Vegas and then am going to FYF this weekend. Lots of engagements that I am grateful for. Distractions! So cheers to soaking in these last few weeks of summer!

For Love & Lemons precioso dress via Largo Drive / Jeffrey Campbell countess boots / Mr. Kate ear cuff 

what does the fox say

posted on: Friday, August 15, 2014

On this particular day I spent some time roaming the streets of Old Town Pasadena. I checked some errands off my list, did a little shopping, and found out that these shoes are surprisingly very comfortable to walk in. I like to call this my casual, Saturday, ladies who lunch look. Wore these awesome Sky High Jeggings from American Eagle that honestly feel like butta. Or pajamas- socially acceptable pajamas. And we all know very well that I don't wear things that ain't cozy! I'm looking forward to a mellow weekend especially after the crazy week I had. It is also my last days with my boyfriend before he leaves for 3 months to live in El Salvador. Heart...slowly...breaking. Pray for my survival friends.

Amercian Eagle sky high jegging // Dolce Vita montey heels  

vans a make her dance

posted on: Thursday, August 7, 2014

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of hanging out with the amazing babes over at Vans Girls for the U.S. Open of Surfing finals in Huntington Beach. If you've never been to the Open before, it's a surf competition held every year where people from all, and I mean all, walks of life come to watch some surfing, cruise the beach, and check out the overall chaos. I've been a few times before but this particular visit felt very different. Dare I say, calm. There still were swarms of people but it didn't feel as overwhelming as I remembered from years past which was a pleasant surprise. We walked around, did a little shopping, grubbed on some food, watched a wee bit of surfing, and most definitely got a solid base coat. All the other girls I met are amazing and beyond sweet I can't even deal! A quite pleasant way to spend a Sunday I must say. 

And yes, the pictures of the little kids throwing us some major shade are my favorite too! 

Photos by Olivver Simon