Sephora Glotions: Clarins

posted on: Wednesday, June 29, 2016

When the temperatures heat up we tend to wear less, including makeup. The last thing I want is for my face to slip off. To accomplish this, skin care should be at an all time high. The more you do here, the less you need to do there. 

On top of my list, with sunscreen, is a great moisturizer. Ideally one that contains both. Today I'm focusing on an amazing moisturizer from Clarins called Multi-ActiveDay Cream that (yay) has both! There's a lot  to love. First it tackles fine lines, those pesky things that haunt our under eyes, forehead, and for me, around my mouth. Literally the bane of my existence! Multi-Active Day Cream has teasel which is a root extract that works to protect your skin where it needs it the most from harmful UVA/UVB rays. With life and all the daytime stress we go through, this will give you a healthy, radiant glow!

My moisturizing routine starts off every morning and ends every night. I apply it all over my face and neck with a clean cloth in an upward, circular motion. Get all up in those pores! Make sure when you're applying around the eyes to be ever-so-gentle. The skin is very thin in those areas so I suggest tapping lightly.

A great moisturizer is such an easy shortcut to healthy glowing skin. Ok, brb time to tackle summer!  

Bebe x Foray Getaway: San Francisco

posted on: Sunday, June 26, 2016

Photos by: Derren Versoza

Spent last weekend with some of my favorite ladies exploring one of my favorite cities with bebe! The first day we settled into our room at the Clift Hotel and then headed out for he night. Our first stop was at The Painted Ladies to check out the iconic scenery and candy painted houses. Right after we headed to dinner where I ate my weight in oysters and the vino was a-flowin!

Pants: bebe 
Top: American Apparel  
Jacket: AllSaints 
Belt: B-Low The Belt 
Shoes: Raye  

Photos by: Derren Versoza

Day two we hit the ground running. I've been to San Francisco a million and one times but that day we went to Sausalito, a town I've never been to before! Had lunch on the water and couldn't head back into the city without checking out the Golden Gate Bridge. 

The temperatures in SF were much warmer than usual (hello heat wave), but this outfit still carried me from day to night. Just add leather jacket*

Top: bebe 
Necklace: Nialaya 
Shoes: Topshop

Photos by: Derren Versoza

This is the outfit I wore for the final day. We had an amazing brunch set up by the lovely ladies at bebe. I am not a fan of changing multiple times a day so lucky me this look took me from eggs benedict to airport security line. 

Always have so much fun visiting San Francisco. For such a small city it manages to reveal more parts of it that I haven't seen before. Definitely will be back for more. Maybe dumplings this time. 

Thanks bebe x Foray for an amazing weekend! 

Top: bebe 
Pants: bebe 
Necklace: Nialaya

Matisse Footwear: Caty Boot

posted on: Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Photos by: Dani Roxanne

I loved these boots so much that welp, needed them in another color! The Caty Boot unknowingly became my boot of the season.  I wore the black version pouncing around the Polo Fields every day of Coachella. I was worried the ankle part would being irritating AF but thankfully my ankles were spared. 

I don't veer away from my little black boots often, because frankly I'm intimidated. Much like white pants, white shoes give me pause. For me, I find wearing these boots with shorts help in not making my legs look short- the ultimate goal. 

Also plan on pairing them with blush pink and black slip dresses. And chokers. Duh. May need them in another color...just kidding...or am I?

Never Fully Dressed: Camel Duster

posted on: Monday, June 20, 2016

Ok, this coat. Let's talk about it. It's great! The end.

Just kidding. But really, to call it my go-to would be the understatement of the century. For me, living in LA doesn't necessitate heavy outerwear but it does get chilly. Cue this amazing duster from Never Fully Dressed

A piece like this can take an ordinary outfit to the next level. Long layers scream CHIC. If you ever want to add some drama to your look try a duster like this or even a mid-length vest. Added drama points when you walk and appear to be dawning a cape.

I love the entire vibe of Never Fully Dressed so definitely give them look!

Never Fully Dressed maxi duster camel / Raen suko sunglasses