Menswear Inspired Footwear: Sole Society

posted on: Sunday, November 27, 2016

Photos by: Vincent Elejorde

Here's the big question: Did you survive Thanksgiving?

If you are like me, you are still recovering from a serious food coma. This time of year truly feels like a food crawl marathon that I barely finish. But let's be honest, I ain't complaining.

This weekend I was fortunate enough to spend tons of time with family and friends back home in Orange County. Thursday I had two Thanksgivings (shout-out to all my fellow peeps who have split holidays), Friday was spent with my best girlfriends being our usual freak selves, and Saturday was spent at the Long Beach Aquarium petting sharks in the rain and feeling like a kid awing at the oceanic life. Success!

Along with a happy, full belly comes a couple worn out feet. Which brings me to one of my current favs: menswear inspired footwear with a twist. Here I am featuring a pair of classic loafers by Sole Society

Menswear inspired clothing and accessories add the perfect amount of edge to any outfit. Something that I always look for to cut through the girly-ness. With all my footwear, I go for pointy toes. They are chic and elongate the leg. Two things you wouldn't dare resist. I know I don't. 

Speaking of things I can't resist, Cyber Monday is almost upon us! I am not one for braving the mall madness, so Cyber Monday is literally my JAM. Sole Society is having a 30% sale site wide. Yep, SITE WIDE! 

Happy shopping my friends. Let's reconvene soon and relish in all our Cyber Monday success stories. 

Cold Shoulder: ASOS

posted on: Thursday, November 17, 2016

 Photos by: Vincent Elejorde 

Jeans and a white top are definitely my uniform of choice. I have to stop myself from outfit repeating on the daily. There's something about the crispness of a white top paired with denim. How can you say no?

Speaking of not being able to say no, the holidays are just around the corner which means stuffing my face and not feeling guilty about it. It's definitely my favorite time of the year!! Lights everywhere and big doses of jolliness. 

Stay tuned for future posts about holiday gift guides as well as how I survive this crazy time of the year (#obsessed).

Life of the Party: Express

posted on: Monday, November 14, 2016


Party of one? Not this time! This month I'm partnering with Express and diving into party mode with Express and my best girls Jessi and Racquel to discuss what makes us tick when it comes to getting dressed for a night out. 

I literally have two modes- raggedy tee and sweats or glam with a  capital G. But when it comes to a special event or a night out I tend to run with it because I personally love getting dressed up. But what to wear? We grabbed our favorite Express looks and got ready for a night out. 

One, of MANY, great benefits to being a woman is the endless amount of options we have. It was fun to see the three spins we each had on a night out. Jessi chose an eye-catching silver mini, Racquel chose a maxi with awesome cut-outs, and I opted for a velvet top with a splash of faux fur. All so different yet totally appropriate for a variety of cocktail cheers-ing, dance infused evenings.  

One thing I always keep in mind is to wear what makes me feel confident. It's the best accessory and definitely shows. 

So grab your best girlfriends and get ready to make a scene!

Top: Express
Faux Fur Vest: Express
Earrings: Express
Choker: Express
Pants: Express

Thank you Express for sponsoring this post. 

Hearts On Fire

posted on: Thursday, November 10, 2016

Photos by: Vincent Elejorde

Today I want to discuss one of my favorite things in life: Amazing jewelry! High up on many girl's wish lists in my opinion. 

I got to shoot some amazing Hearts On Fire pieces with one of my favorite people on the planet, Kaitlynn! I am such a huge fan of HOF for many reasons including the fact that their designs and quality are unstoppable. Jewelry is by far the biggest compliment to any great outfit. It can take it from ordinary to extraordinary. Not surprisingly, my obsession with earrings and all things gold has not subsided. Adding these luxe new pieces to my collection is such a dreamy scenario.

Photos by: Vincent Elejorde

Kaitlynn and I share the same sentiment that a little goes a long way when it comes to wearing your jewels of choice. As most friendships go, you tend to influence each other's style. Seeing each other so often and being in many of the same places tends to do that. But even with similarities comes differences- I lean more towards gold whereas Kaitlynn is a silver babe. 

But I think we both can agree that when you wear incredible gems, you can't help but hold your head up a little higher. It's like that feeling you get when you find that perfectly tailored pair of pants, figure flattering dress, or skirt that gives you mile long legs. Infectious! 

What are some of your favorite pieces from the HOF collection? I would love to hear your feedback and how your squad's style influences each other!

Earrings: Hearts On Fire
Necklace: Hearts On Fire
Ring: Hearts On Fire
Dress: The Jetset Diaries (similar)
Blazer: The Jetset Diaries (similar here)
Belt: Gucci


How to Stye Over-the-knee boots: Louise et Cie

posted on: Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Photos by: Champagne

Nothing screams fall quite like the over-the-knee boot. They've been a fall/winter staple for many years and come in all shapes, colors and sizes. This season I am breaking away from my norm of all black everything and going for new shades of neutral sand. I fell in love with this pair from Louise et Cie instantly. 

Over-the-knee boots have been very popular (my closet is no exception) because they add a big dose of drama to any outfit. However, this drama can be intimating so here are some style suggestions you can rock all season long:

+ Blazer dress and metallic earrings
+ Dark skinny jeans, white tee, and cropped leather jacket
+ Bell-sleeve mini dress and denim jacket 

Literally the list can go on for days. One thing to keep in mind when choosing an outfit is balance is very important. If you're wearing something tight up top and showing a bit of skin- keep the bottom half of your outfit loose and a bit undone. And vice versa. It's a winning formula every time. 

Here I styled my Louise et Cie boots with one of my go-to Louise et Cie bags. 

So have fun with this style this season and go for pieces that break away from your norm. It's fun to experiment and play with your look! 

Dress: Merritt Charles
Earrings: Luv Aj
Necklace: Luv Aj
Necklace: Luv Aj

Thank you Louise et Cie for sponsoring this post.