Pantene Waterless Collection

posted on: Friday, September 27, 2019


This post is sponsored by Pantene. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

I'll admit, I'm not the fastest at getting ready. The struggle is always real. My biggest challenge is that each day is different and I usually find myself running from shoots, to appointments, to events. Touch-ups are a constant part of my day and need to be done quick so finding products that work is crucial. 

*cue to hair and makeup in the car*

If I had my way, I would wash my hair every day. Alas, my colored, thick locks ain't having it. I want to preserve my colored hair as long as possible but I also need a product that rids the oiliness from not washing and frizziness from color damage. 

Pantene introduced their new Waterless Collection which is all about extending your non-wash days. My favorites from the collection are the Pantene Cheat Day Dry Shampoo Foam + Pantene Mist Behaving Dry Conditioner Mist. The Pantene Cheat Day Dry Shampoo Foam has Pro-Vitamin B5 and orchid flower water in the foam, which work to release clumped hair. The lusciously whipped sulfate and paraben free cleansing cloud dissolves oil and refreshes your style, no washing required.

The Pantene Mist Behaving Dry Conditioner Mist is a mixture between a leave-in conditioner and a styling spray. The super-fine sulfate and paraben free mist evenly distributes its nourishing ingredients on frizzy, tangled, or just plain unruly hair, delivering 24-hour frizz protection between washes.

To make life easier (cause you know I love yah) I've listed how to use each product below!

Pantene Cheat Day Dry Shampoo Foam

  1. Shake the can well and dispense a small amount into your fingertips
  2. Section your hair and start with a small amount 
  3. Apply to DRY hair at the roots and rub it in
  4. Brush out and style as you like. Your hair may feel a little damp after you apply, but don’t worry, that’s normal. It’s just the foam doing its thing and it dries quickly.

  1. Hold the can 6-8 inches away from your hair for optimal coverage. DON’T hold the can too closely to your hair.
  2. Spray from the mid-lengths & downwards on dry hair. DON’T spray at your roots.

I challenge you to extend your non-wash days with the new Pantene Waterless Collection. This duo has seriously transformed my non-wash routine. Pick yours up the new Waterless Collections for a limited time at CVS!