seasons change

posted on: Wednesday, December 24, 2014

I'm back home in Orange County because holy pumpkin spice latte it's already Christmas! Last night my friends and I celebrated our annual cookie decorating party. It's basically us drinking a ton of wine and clumsily smearing frosting over gingerbread men. Always a good time. I'm looking forward to spending the rest of the week home. Even though it's only an hour away from LA, it feels like a whole different world. It's a great escape for me and very welcomed right now. Now off to some last minute shopping because it wouldn't be Christmas without me having small panic attacks.

Happiest of holidays to my lovely readers! I hope you spend it surrounded by the ones you love. Now go eat guilt free because it's a celebration ya'll! xx

Urban Outfitters mesmerize dress / Tularosa dylan knit coat / PYLO choker

cruella de jill

posted on: Saturday, December 13, 2014

My jacket collection has grown quite a bit this winter. Although not the most practical, or necessary, a girl wants what a girl wants, you feel meh? This shaggy gorilla has been a definite favorite. I sometimes feel like Cruella de Vil is my fashion spirit animal. I repeat, strictly fashion. I love puppies. I'd take 101 of them. But I also like big outerwear so we have that in common. Enough of my rambling for today. Until we meet again my sweets.

PYLO coven skirt / Child of Wild necklace and choker

catch me if you can

posted on: Tuesday, December 9, 2014

 I know what you're all thinking, "Does this girl own another pair of shoes?!" Fair. Super fair question. What's even more sick is I want another pair! I look at it like wanting a variety of plain white tees, black bells, and obviously little black boots up the wahzoo. I'm talking staple items here people. At least this is how I justify all of it in my head. On another note, this week is dragging badly. I don't know what it is but time simultaneously feels like it's flying by and moving at a snails pace. I think most of how I am feeling can be contributed to the fact that a lot of what I wish to accomplish can only be done on the weekends or when the sun is shining. I blame daylight savings aka my mortal enemy. I'll be dreaming of March 8th and springing forward until, well, March 8th. 

Tasi Malibu jena wool jacket and lana wool skort / Tiffany & Co. sunglasses 


posted on: Tuesday, December 2, 2014

How is it December already?! Currently listening to *Nsync "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays" on repeat. What can I say...I'm festive! And a sucker for nostalgia. I had the best Christmas' growing up which is why this is by far my favorite holiday. I like to think of it as Thanksgiving on crack. I love when the entire city gets covered with lights and silly inflatable reindeers. Nothing screams California Christmas quite like a twinkle lit wrapped palm tree. Ever since I was a licensed teen, I was relentless in getting tons of presents for my brothers, little cousins, aunts, uncles- you name it. By that time, my mom was burnt out from years of running around from mall to mall trying to get everything on our list to Santa on top of being a full-time wife, mother, and business owner. Thus, my career as a personal shopper began. I didn't even care if I myself got anything. I was just so focused on making sure my family was taken care of because I love seeing people get excited by a gift. I know my obsession with making sure everyone was showered in presents was because Christmas was so magical growing up for me. I was obsessed with trying to keep that feeling alive. Now that I'm older, I still love this holiday but my priorities have definitely shifted. Christmas gifts in my family have definitely become secondary. Our lives are busy and we're separated by distance so it's just a treat to all be in the same room. It's a very liberating feeling to not expect anything and to genuinely not care. Am I officially a grown up now?