Marciano: Photo By Vincent

posted on: Thursday, September 29, 2016

 Photos by: Vincent Elejorde

I wanted to take a quick step away from my usual fashion-talk and give a little ode to one of my main men behind the lens: Vincent!

I met Vincent out at an event earlier this summer. We instantly connected because he is hilarious and well, I love to laugh. After months of missing each other, we finally got to shoot together. I was immediately hooked. 

I loved his story. He is a young guy with an insane amount of creativity oozing from his ever-so-small (obvi) pores who picked up a camera and taught himself how to shoot. He started his own blog to showcase his amazing personal style and has recently shifted gears to being a photographer for others.

Vincent genuinely loves to create and comes from such a pure place far from the saturated market of people just wanting to take take take. I love that he draws his inspiration from fashion editorials, movies, people- you name it. 

Not sure if he knows this, but he unknowingly gave me a much needed creative boost. His eye for finding the beauty in not obvious places and fresh approach to shooting literally gives me life! It doesn't hurt that I feel like we were separated at birth and have the greatest time together. 

So cheers to the men and women behind the lens who do not get nearly enough credit as they deserve. We would literally be lost without you!   

 Pants: Marciano

NYFW Fall 2016: Outfit Day 2

posted on: Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Photos by: Champagne

Hello, I'm obsessed. 

I managed to squeeze this outfit back home from Bali with me and obviously had to bring it to NYFW! The oversized pants are to die for. Are you dying yet?? They have the illusion of being a skirt, but the comfort of your perfect pair of pants. 

I have to give so much kudos to all the amazing fashion I saw while in Bali. I wish I didn't pack so much so I could have brought more back to LA! Definitely lesson learned. 

Excited to experiment more with different silhouettes and pant lengths (and widths) this fall. I feel extremely inspired by the fashion I saw while traveling (yo, Tokyo you rule) and while at NYFW. 

It's easy to fall into a rut when it comes your look, so I highly recommend finding inspiration wherever you can. That may be on a trip, scoping out the latest magazines, or trolling the internet and your favorite influencers. 

Let's conquer fall, whaddaya say?!

Pants: SWF Boutique

LBB Lust List: Louise et Cie

posted on: Tuesday, September 20, 2016

FINALLY, the temperatures have started to drop. Well, somewhat. This is still LA after all so warmth is our middle name. Basically I am able to wear leather jackets again which is a huge win. Coming off a full month of traveling to super hot, humid destinations (Tokyo, Bali, Singapore, Jakarta, New York, oh my) it's a very welcomed relief when I feel that dry breeze. 

Tropical weather makes me want to wear flowy pieces, prints, and sandals galore. But when it comes to fall- leather, boots, and tons of dark/neutral colors reign supreme. 

Before most of what I owned was slouchy and littered with fringe. Contrary to past habits, I find myself gravitating more towards structured accessories especially when it comes to bags. This bag by Louise et Cie is a perfect example of a style that you will see incorporated into a lot of my looks this season. If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen me rocking this bag like crazy!

Now, on to the boots. My love for this type of footwear is clearly no secret. But how to make the familiar different? EASY. This pair by Louise et Cie showcases two great ways to add some twists: color blocking and an open toe. Subtle differences that really change the vibe of an outfit. 

As far as fall trends go (hello blush pink!), minimal and sleek will be what to look out for. So if this goes outside of your comfort zone, I highly suggest giving it a try. 

What are some trends you are excited about for this fall/winter?

Bag: Louise et Cie
Shoes: Louise et Cie
Jacket: AllSaints
Dress: Nasty Gal (similar here)
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Post sponsored by Louise et Cie

LBB Travels: The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo

posted on: Monday, September 19, 2016

If you've ever flown to the other side of the world, you can relate to the fact that it's exhausting. That is putting it very, very lightly. It is so difficult for me to fall asleep on airplanes. I think I've tried over a dozen different neck pillows. BUT, I will say flying on a great airline helps out a lot. Great service and food definitely ease the literal pain of sore necks and lower backs. I've flown Korean and Singapore Airlines and would highly recommend the two. 

But I digress. 

A 13 hour flight and 1 hour car ride later, I finally made it to Tokyo!! I was running off of zero sleep so I cannot even begin to tell you how amazing it was to receive the warm welcome I did upon arriving at The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo. From the minute you step out of the car, you feel so taken care of. They immediately ushered our bags away and escorted us to our room. This was no ordinary escort. We had a series of people, all incredibly kind with huge smiles on their faces, direct us to each floor and each elevator. We then had the easiest check-in process right there in our room. 

Now to the room...oh that room. The most unbelievable view 54 stories up in the sky. I felt like it was a dream, because it actually was. The rooms had every amenity you would ever need including two closets and two vanities. A real relationship saver in my opinion. 

Each morning before we hit the streets, we ventured down one floor to breakfast with the same breathtaking view. It goes really well with eggs. 

The proximity to the metro station was also a major plus for us. An easy 5 minute walk and you are there. The hotel is also connected to a mall that has tons of great shopping, restaurants, cafe's, and even a grocery store. 

As imagined, we got lost and confused a lot. I will never forget when we asked for directions to the metro station the first time, a lovely woman walked us a pretty decent distance away just to show us the correct direction. 

My boyfriend and I uttered the sentence, "Everyone is SO nice here" about 300 times during our stay. 

I couldn't have asked for a better way to kick-off our three week trip to Asia than by staying at The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo. I will definitely be back again. 

Stay tuned for my next Tokyo post where I'll be talking about where I went, what I ate, and tips and tricks to navigating through the city!

Dress: Still Water
Romper: Journelle  

LBB Lust List: Faux Fur Vest

posted on: Friday, September 16, 2016

Photos by: Vincent Elejorde

There's tons of ways to take a look from casual to fab-u-lous. I talk a lot about changing up the accessories for an easy day to night look. You can be wearing a tee and jeans but add a clutch, earrings, and heels then boom- ready for a night out. 

But there's also another item that can take your maxi or sundress to another level. I'm talking faux fur vests people!! And what better way to welcome fall than breaking out the fuzzies. Bonus is you don't have to store away your summer wardrobe just because the climate is changing. 

Below are my top picks for faux fur vests to make you feel great both aesthetically and physically (hellooo blanket appropriate to wear in public!).

EXPRESS: Wear to Work

posted on: Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Photos by: Ryan Chua

When you think of "work wear" it's not crazy to associate it with bland, over-the-knee length dresses or frumpy pant suits. The working girl uniform for 2016 is anything but that! It's sharp, it's classy, yet it screams unique personal style. Whether you free-lance or work in an office, style plays a huge role in your confidence which translates into being the best version of yourself as possible. 

This month I've teamed up with Express to showcase my ideal outfit in the work place for any day of the week. There are a few key pieces that should be in every wardrobe. These include well tailored trousers, a blazer (great place to showcase your own personal taste with embellishments), and a smart pair of heels

The great thing about all these pieces is that you can constantly mix and match them to create an endless amount of different outfits. All you need to do is swap out the blouse or tee, change up the jewelry, or add a pop of color with a bag.

Here I am wearing the Mid Rise Columnist Ankle Pants, a distressed white tee, embellished blazer, and sleek heels all from Express.

So when it comes to getting dressed for work, throw out the idea that you can't look your best. Keep being your fashion forward self Monday through Friday. Bonus is you'll seamlessly transition to after work drinks like a BOSS.