Good Hair Days with Pantene Charcoal Collection

posted on: Wednesday, October 17, 2018


I’m beyond excited to partner with one of my all-time favorite brands Pantene to tell you guys about their Pantene Charcoal Collection!

If there’s something I think we can relate to, it’s having bad hair days. After years and years of putting my hair through constant dying and heat exposure, I decided to chop it all off and start fresh! Because when your hair feels great you pretty much feel unstoppable.

I usually try to go a few days without washing my hair but that means scalp oils and dry shampoo build up (not a fan). I’ve been testing out the collection’s shampoo and conditioner over the last few weeks and you guys- I am such a fan.

Charcoal is huge right now and used in a ton of health and beauty products. So why do we love it? When it comes to hair, charcoal attracts impurities like a magnet releasing antioxidants which creates a refreshed clean look with all the body and shine we love. The Pantene Charcoal Collection is a blend of pro-vitamin B5, activated charcoal, and antioxidants.

Both the shampoo and conditioner are silicone and paraben-free. The charcoal found in the shampoo cleanses the hair and gets rid of all the dirt and impurities we want nothing to do with. My favorite thing about the conditioner is how it rinses out so quickly but still gives me a ton of fullness and shine.

I’m also really excited to share a promotion Amazon is running until October 31. Click here, use
the promo code “20PNTCHARC” to receive 20% off the Charcoal Collection Shampoo and Conditioner (530ml) when purchased together.

I can literally go on for days! But the biggest take-away for me is how much I want my hair to be healthier from the inside out.

So, cheers to more and more good hair days!