nasty gals do holidays better

posted on: Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The holidays are fast approaching and I'm doing my usual "I can't believe it's almost Christmas" routine. But for real, I can't believe it's almost Christmas?! With the holidays coming, outfits are obviously needed for various parties of the cookie-decorating and cocktail-drinking variety. This year I'm doing it Nasty Gal style. Immediately head over to their Perfect 10 feature where they have done all the work for you and created 10 amazing holiday looks. And you can score up to 50% off!! I mean. The outfit I'm wearing could be easily worn to ring in the new year or on a fancy date night. I love wearing formal dresses and adding a more casual element like this leopard coat. Outerwear is such a silent game changer. 

If you follow me on my Instagram you may have seen that I went on a road trip to Big Sur with my boo! We drove up the California coast soaking in the incredible views and making a few stops along the way. My wanderlust was starting to get the best of me, so this trip was definitely needed. California is so beautiful, it gets me every time. Can't wait to share more photos from my trip with you all. Also, I have an incredible giveaway happening very soon, so stay tuned!  

Nasty Gal wild thing coat / Schutz libertine pump / For Love & Lemons on pointe maxi dress

little black boots x dahlia wolf

posted on: Friday, November 22, 2013

So happy to debut the top I did in collaboration with Dahlia Wolf! It's an amazing site where people send in inspiration outfit photos and they create clothing based off that. Fashion for the people created by the people...I MEAN. Such an amazing concept that we all should definitely get behind. You can order this top that I love oh so much right now! I also have another sweater I did with them that I will show off soon, of course. Until then my loves!

Dahlia Wolf little black boots top / 2020AVE leather skinny pants / Free People vida obi belt / Saltwater Gypsy vintage coach bag 

dark angel

posted on: Monday, November 18, 2013


I'm a big advocate of dressing for your mood. This might be confusing because by these pictures - and especially by my outfit - you would think I was a complete ball of angst. Quite the contrary. The chilly weather just made me want to hide underneath a heap of fabric and rock some dark bitch lips. I had a completely different outfit on before this - skinny jeans, cropped tank, and a long cardigan. To which I said, nay! Scrapped the whole thing and threw this ultra maxi dress on. Ultra happy I did.  

Wildfox tres fatigue nightcap dress / H&M biker jacket / Saltwater Gypsy sunnies / Vanessa Mooney jewelry

pequeño vestido blanco

posted on: Sunday, November 10, 2013

I've driven by this little shopping center many-a-times so I'm glad I finally got to stop by. I loved the lines of tiendas stocked to the brim with curios. It's like a little slice of Mexico plopped in the middle of LA. I suddenly was trying to justify needing a poncho and like, 5 new keychains - I'm an impulsive shopper. And I know what you're thinking...giiiirl that dress is short! Never fear, I'm wearing shorts underneath. No peep shows happening over here!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I went out not once, but twice, which is insane for this medium to medium high homebody. I even ran into some of my blogger babe friends! Check out the collision on my Instagram :)

Eternal Sunshine Creations mini dress / Luna B. acacia necklace / American Apparel opaque socks / Zara boots