ran into the sky

posted on: Monday, March 30, 2015

Has anyone seen March? I'm not quite sure where it went...! Holy moly time is flying by. The temperatures are heating up (even more) which is a problem because I still haven't gotten the air conditioner in my car fixed. It's like every day I have my own personal sauna on wheels. Not enjoyable. 

My goal in the next couple of weeks is to finally make my way to the beach. I've had a yearning to just sink my toes into the sand and acquire awkward tan lines. I have a few one-piece suits, including this one by Volcom, that are screaming for some salty air. On the pursuit of happiness! 

Volcom Women's dawn dreamer suit, sun tripper bag, and chatroom sweater / PYLO gypsy bellbottoms / Child of Wild bracelet

forever wandering

posted on: Friday, March 27, 2015

This set by Jac Vanek was calling my name the moment I set my eyes on it. Bell sleeves, cropped, and a maxi skirt- screams Jill Wallace all day long. I've been infatuated with matching sets for a while now and I don't see the infatuation dying down any time soon. FINE BY ME. 

I cannot believe tomorrow is already Friday. This week has simultaneously dragged/flown by. But the most important thing is the weekend is almost here. Wish me luck that I shake this cold I've been trying to fight as well as finally being fully moved out of my old apartment. Weekend warrior indeed! 

Jac Vanek woodstock blouse and skirt / Yosi Samra boots

festivus for the rest of us

posted on: Tuesday, March 24, 2015

It's happening people. We are knee deep in festival season! The energy during this time of the year is infectious. Everyone's shedding layers and amping up for spring/summer shenanigans. It's not surprising that the fashion really speaks to me. 

When it comes to festivals, I will have to admit that most of my favorite memories come from them. You really step into an alternate universe where your main focus is making it to the next show, dancing your face off with the friends that you (hopefully) find, all the while appearing somewhat like a human with your shit somewhat together. I will never forget these experiences and hope to make many more of them in the future. So God speed and good luck to everyone braving the heat/crowds/dehydration this season. The hangover really hurts, but boy is it worth it. 

Volcom hat and denim shorts / Child of Wild x Luiny the flawed leather choker 

heat wave

Well hello friends! I feel like so much has changed since I've last posted. I didn't realize I was on such a hiatus! Life, yah know? Since the last time we spoke regarding my cautious feelings towards Valentine's Day, I have been non-mother-effin-stop. By that I mean just trying to keep my head above water- but in a good way. Although being busy gives me moments of massive anxiety, I really do feed off of it. I like a challenge and work best under pressure. 

In case you didn't notice, I have a new blog look (finally!) and I MOVED! Finding a place in LA that is reasonably priced and has at least 80% of the things on your wish list is hard. But my prayers of finding a "unicorn" happened and I couldn't be happier. I've only been here for less than two weeks and I already feel so at home. I have tons of new outfits I'm excited to share and nonsense to spew so stay tuned!

Gooseberry Intimates effortless black bodysuit / Dailylook one teaspoon shorts / Vanessa Mooney bolo tie and lillian choker