How to Travel In Style: Rag & Bone

posted on: Friday, July 29, 2016

I've been spending the last couple days in Utah at an amazing hotel. Since I've been such a beach bum lately, the desert was a nice and very welcomed change of scenery. 

This outfit from Rag & Bone took me from airport, to check in, to cocktails and dinner. I like my travel outfits to be functional and comfortable but I also need to feel cute. So sue me! 

There are a few key pieces I wear to achieve this that include leather mules, ripped black jeans, and oversized white tees just to name a few. This trip I opted for a sleek knit dress and white sneakers by Rag & Bone. Two staples you should have in your wardrobe- I promise you they will always come in handy. 

When it comes to looking tailored and edgy, Rag & Bone has always been my go-to. I really appreciate beautifully tailored pieces and quality fabrics. With them, form and function go hand in hand. I definitely stand a little taller when I feel good in what I'm wearing!

But enough about me, what's your airport/travel outfit of choice?

Urban Outfitters Summer 2016

posted on: Monday, July 25, 2016

Seasonal trends come and go but some stick and make their way with you as the temps change. A couple of my favorite trends this summer have been cropped jeans + bomber jackets. Literally cannot get enough. 

What's not to love? Cropped, high waist jeans make your legs look a mile long and bomber jackets are functional, practical, and FUN. Perfect to throw over your shoulders when the temps drop at night. My collection is growing very strong and I don't plan to stop any time soon! Staples, staples, staples! 

Although they stole my heart this summer, I don't plan on ditching them once fall hits. Transitioning them is so easy and means minor tweaks including switching from sandals to boots and tanks to tees. 

I have to point out that these are by far one of my favorite cuts of denim right now. They are the UO BDG Girlfriend High-Rise Jean in black. Finding the right fit for me is a struggle sometimes so when I do find one that hugs all the right places, you better believe I buy them in multiple washes. That may break some sort of fashion rule but we make our own rules here!! 

My secret is out so let me know what your denim secret is in the comments below! Badass jeans #5ever. 

Australian Brands to Love: Lioness and The Lair

posted on: Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Photos by: Olivver Simon

I didn't know there was a way to wear knits during a SoCal summer until now! A bit of a twist on my usual uniform with this top by Lioness

I am forever a stalker/fan of everything coming out of Australia. Wondering minds have asked me in the past what it is about Australian brands that I love so much and for some reason it's a difficult question for me to answer. But I'll give it another go. 

I think what they've nailed is creating interesting and flattering silhouettes from staple pieces. I always feel edgy and flirty at the same time. Even this rad belt is from an Aussie brand called The Lair. They really got it going on!! 

I have more amazing pieces I can't wait to share from Lioness

Until we meet again babes! 

Top: Lioness
Belt: The Lair

Trendlee: How To Invest in Your Closet

posted on: Thursday, July 7, 2016

Today I want to talk about something every woman faces: shopping wisely! Space for me comes at a premium and I try to only hang on to things that bring value to my life. Don't wear it? Get rid of it! With that idea in mind, I try to  invest in pieces that will last me a lifetime instead of a quick fix. Cue my newest obsession: Trendlee  

I discovered Trendlee last year and have since then stalked their new arrivals page consistently. It's perfect for someone like me who wants to invest in quality but who also loves/needs a deal. I can safely say that I never regret purchases like this. I want to share with you my philosophy on smart shopping and investing wisely.

Cost Per Wear
How often will you use this item? If the answer is not very often, or even just once, make sure you are comfortable spending X amount of dollars for that item per wear. For example, are you comfortable spending $150 on a dress you'll wear once? Or $75 for a dress you can wear to a wedding then a night out for your friend's birthday? You be the judge!

Seasonal Trends
Prints, colors, cuts change like the wind and are what make fashion fun. But sometimes certain trends don't make it past a few months. If you want to invest in an item that won't date you in a few months, stick to the classics. Now don't get me wrong, participating in a current embroidered denim or gladiator sandal craze is fun, but maybe find a more wallet friendly option to feed the craving. 

6 Items To Invest In 
  • Two Pairs of Good Shoes: You need a beautiful pair of flats and a classic pair of heels. Select ones that show your personality but that can also be worn with almost anything. 
  • A Solid Trench Coat: They never go out of style and are easily incorporated in many looks. 
  • Perfectly Tailored Blazer: Blazers can take you from day to night and be dressed up or down. I love them with jeans and a tee or over a dress.
  • Meaningful Jewelry: Find a piece that is important to you and that can be worn every day. 
  • The Little Black Dress: You never know when you'll need a quick change or maybe you have an important event. The LBD will always save the day. 
  • A Great Handbag: It's something you use every day and will last you for many years. 

Because I love you madly and every bit counts, my friends over at Trendlee are offering a 5% discount with the code LITTLEBLACKBOOTS

I hope these tips help. Please comment below if you have any questions for me or other tips when it comes to shopping wisely!

Trendlee Chanel Bag

Lust List: High Waist Bikinis

posted on: Tuesday, July 5, 2016

This month I have a lot of fun travel plans that include wearing bikinis x million. I love soaking up the sun near any body of water but I don't consider myself much of a bikini babe. I have never felt entirely comfortable in them. Cue my not-so-secret, secret weapon: The high waist bikini!

Now don't get me wrong, I am no modest mouse, but there is something about covering my belly button that puts me at ease. 

Thankfully, this style now comes with tons of amazing options. Gone are the days where high waist bikini's meant feeling matronly or not very sexy. Below is my current lust list of suits that will make you feel cute and more importantly, confident!

Meet you on the beach, babes!