High Quality Skinny Jeans

posted on: Tuesday, August 15, 2017

I am notoriously picky when it comes to skinny jeans. When I'm trying skinny jeans on, I know whether I will like them or not before I even get passed my ankles!

I know my body type and skinny jeans and I are not the exact best fit, BUT, I am obsessed with the silhouette nonetheless. You can't deny how chic they look especially in a dark wash paired with a blouse and pumps. Did I say chic already because CHIC!! 

For me there a few things that are super important in a good pair of skinnies:

+ high quality denim 
+ holds its stretch all day
+ doesn't leave you out of breath after putting them on

I must say, I instantly felt like a was wearing a second skin when I tried this pair on from Ann Taylor. There's always a 50/50 chance and this time I definitely scored! 

Lollapalooza with Bead Head by Tigi

posted on: Sunday, August 13, 2017

Last week I expanded my festival attendance roster with my first trip to Lollapalooza with Bead Head by Tigi! I have always been drawn to Lollapalooza because I love how the festival takes place right in the heart of the city. You honestly can't beat the backdrop of Grant Park and the Chicago skyline. Insanely gorgeous. 

Before I headed to the festival each day I spent time at Bed Head's pre-festival event at the Hard Rock Hotel. It was the perfect place to get my hair done, listen to music, and sip on a cocktail before the music madness. 

For festivals I love to keep my hair done in a way that I know will last all day and withstand a ton of running around and dancing. I decided to go with the classic top-knot look. I was beyond thrilled with how it came out! I'm so glad I watched my stylist execute it because she taught me an amazing trick: 

+ section off your hair 
+ grab the top of your hair and divide it into two ponytails
+ secure each ponytail with a thin hair tie 
+ secure both ponytails together with another hair tie 
+ twist each ponytail into a bun  


By having two separate ponytails you are able to keep the part in the front any way you like it. So easy yet such a huge difference! I was obsessed with two of the products we used to style. The first was the Bead Head Small Talk 3-in-1 Thickifier which adds body and volume. Add a few drops to your roots to breath new life into them! 

Then to finish off the look I gave my locks a heavy dose of Superstar Queen for a Day Thickening Spray. It adds body, lift, and volume that literally kept my hair in place all day and night. 

Big thanks to Bed Head for hosting an incredible weekend. I will miss the city, the music, and definitely that deep dish pizza! 

Four Seasons Hualalai

posted on: Friday, August 11, 2017

Photos by: Bikini Birdie

Aloha! Last month I was lucky enough to be invited by Bollare to visit a little place called… HAWAII! Maybe you’ve heard of it? I kid, I kid. It had been many years since I set foot on Hawaiian soil. What better way to revisit the beautiful Aloha State than by staying at the Four Seasons Hualalai!

The moment I walked into my ocean front room my jaw dropped. I could have literally just spent the whole trip in there and would have been plenty content. The view was insane, the bed was built for a queen (seriously though I need comforter and sheet deets asap), and the warmest welcome of fruits and gifts were laid out for me. WAY too spoiled! 

That night our group gathered for a welcome dinner under the stars and alongside waves crashing just a few steps away. That’s probably my favorite thing about the Four Seasons Hualalai- almost everywhere on the property guarantees a gorgeous ocean view. WHEN IN HAWAII!

I realized very quickly that I was very much still on California time. Every morning thereafter I was up at 5:30am. Now here’s the thing…I am far from a morning person. But I obviously took advantage of Hawaii Jill and enjoyed walking around the property before most people were awake. The Four Seasons Hualalai has three pools. My favorite being the “adult pool.” It's peaceful, quiet, and has a pool bar. Are you ready to buy a plane ticket yet? Me and my girl Francis had the best time hanging out there after our day of boating- sipped on drinks until the sun set and the rain rolled through. It was perfect. 

Speaking of our boating day- can’t forget to mention that fun excursion! We were lucky enough that a massive amount of dolphins found us to be quite amusing so much so that they basically followed us around for half our ride! I even jumped in to swim with them for a bit. 

Overall my biggest takeaways from my stay at Four Seasons Hualalai are:

1. You'll never walk past a member of the staff without receiving a warm "Aloha" accompanied with a smile. 
2. The food at each restaurant is beyond drool worthy.
3. The accommodations and views are unlike anywhere else.

I can't say thank you enough to Four Seasons Hualalai and Bollare for hosting my stay and absolutely going above and beyond. Very humbled by the kindness and experience. 

ALOHA! (again)

Sunglasses: Sunday Somewhere
Silver Earrings: The2Bandits
Gold Earrings: Adornmonde