an ode to an oldie

posted on: Sunday, September 27, 2015

Photos by: Olivver Simon

So here's the thing- I've posted an outfit about this dress before. But here's the other thing- I wear it so often that I can easily justify it. What's not to love? Helps a girl out on a bloated day, perfect in the fight of woman vs. heat wave, and it's black therefore suitable for most occasions. 

This time around I gave it a slight, and I mean slight, fall touch with some lace up boots and a statement belt. I wasn't kidding about the heat wave not letting up!! Let's see how long this frock stays in heavy rotation. 

Urban Outfitters urban renewal maxi dress / The Lair deluxe hendrix belt / Matisse Footwear vixen

from coast to coast

posted on: Saturday, September 26, 2015

Photos by: Olivver Simon

I didn't have much any time for shopping while I was in New York last week. But while walking to dinner I stopped by The Vintage Twin pop-up shop where I scored this lil denim number. When I shop vintage I am very drawn to denim anything. They are the pieces that are the most unique to me. I was also very happy I didn't have to go to dinner in the cut-offs I was wearing. Too much leg after 5pm, am I right?

The Vintage Twin denim maxi dress / Luiny faulty collar / Capwell + Co cocktail hour necklace

there's gonna be good times

posted on: Saturday, September 19, 2015

I am a lover of boots (hello captain obvious!) and outfits that look like I'm one step away from Uggs. But don't worry I would never wear those!...outside of my house that is ;) 

But back to business- when I think of fall I think of layers and lots of them. I love wearing these boots from Indigo Rd. with over-the-knee socks and flannel dresses. But This time around I took it in a different direction with an oversized maxi and shaggy jacket. To keep the loose and undone look going, I added a wrist full of bracelets and long necklaces. 

Now all I need is for this pesky heat wave to take a serious hike!  

Indigo Rd. cherish tall boots

escape from la

posted on: Monday, September 14, 2015

Photos by: Olivver Simon

Last weekend when most people were flocking to the beach for Labor Day, I decided to head to the desert. Feel free to call me crazy...cause I know I sure am. But luckily the heat wave in LA (when will you end?!?) prepped me quite nicely for a seamless transition into that desert sun. 

It was two days filled with ADVENTURE! It's not often that I check off everything on my adventure list but check off I did! We hiked, drank a lot of water, saw some fun things, and then hiked some more. Excited to share more photos of my Mojave getaway soon!

MATE the Label parker tank

you had me from the start

posted on: Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Photos by: Olivver Simon

I first set sight on this dress at Coachella of this year. A tall, blonde goddess walked in my line of vision wearing it and I've been hooked ever since. When it comes to my style I wouldn't consider myself, well, "modest." I also cringe at the thought of being overtly sexy. I live by the old adage of if you're going to show something on top, don't show anything on the bottom. And vice versa. Case and point: a maxi with lace panels all. the. way. down. It's all a balance act!

Pardon the stampede of photos but I couldn't help myself. Had such a great golden hour photoshoot in this dress that on most days would be classified as inappropriate. Such a shame. Clearly something like this will draw a bit of attention (proper undergarments where you at?) But what makes this dress appealing in my eyes is it covers me from neck to ankles but the abundance of skin blocking gives it interest and a-whole-lotta edge. I for one can't get enough. 

Tularosa kyle slip dress // Madewell leather jacket // D'Blanc x Live Fast sunglasses