Ray-Ban x Nordstrom: Proud to Belong

posted on: Monday, July 29, 2019


In partnership with Ray-Ban and ShopStyle.

No outfit is complete without a good pair of sunglasses, that is just a fact! It's pretty crazy how such a small accessory has the ability to take a look to the next level. I'm partnering with Ray-Ban and Nordstrom to showcase the iconic sunglasses brand that I have been wearing for literally over a decade. 

My favorite pair is definitely Ray-Ban's Hexagonal Flat Lenses (I have them in 2 colors and I love them!). 

This summer I am so happy to support Ray-Ban's message #ProudToBelong. 2019 has definitely been a transformative year for me thus far. I've gone through huge life changes that have really made me reflect on the person I am and where I've come. 

When I reflect on my past, I've always had an underlining feeling that I didn't belong - whether that was being a minority growing up in a predominantly white area, or working in an industry where the beauty standard is so high and not feeling like I fit the traditional mold. 

One great bonus of getting older is feeling more comfortable in your own skin (the hype is real guys)! I've been forced to really look in the mirror and confront all the insecurities that I've heavily carried on my back for years. I can proudly say I've come a long way from that shy teenager in high school or timid wallflower in college to not be afraid to walk into a room and own it. 

If I could give my younger self advice, well, I could pretty much write a whole book on it! 

We're halfway through 2019 and I have a good feeling it will only get better from here! 

See some of my favorite Ray-Ban styles below: