LBB Lust List: Faux Fur Vest

posted on: Friday, September 16, 2016

Photos by: Vincent Elejorde

There's tons of ways to take a look from casual to fab-u-lous. I talk a lot about changing up the accessories for an easy day to night look. You can be wearing a tee and jeans but add a clutch, earrings, and heels then boom- ready for a night out. 

But there's also another item that can take your maxi or sundress to another level. I'm talking faux fur vests people!! And what better way to welcome fall than breaking out the fuzzies. Bonus is you don't have to store away your summer wardrobe just because the climate is changing. 

Below are my top picks for faux fur vests to make you feel great both aesthetically and physically (hellooo blanket appropriate to wear in public!).


  1. YESSSS !!! I love EVERYTHING about this look... totally crushing on that vest ��

  2. I love your picks, the fur vest completely transforms your outfit and makes it perfect for this transitional period!

  3. LOVE IT !

  4. Love the dress with the fur vest! Amazing!