catch me if you can

posted on: Tuesday, December 9, 2014

 I know what you're all thinking, "Does this girl own another pair of shoes?!" Fair. Super fair question. What's even more sick is I want another pair! I look at it like wanting a variety of plain white tees, black bells, and obviously little black boots up the wahzoo. I'm talking staple items here people. At least this is how I justify all of it in my head. On another note, this week is dragging badly. I don't know what it is but time simultaneously feels like it's flying by and moving at a snails pace. I think most of how I am feeling can be contributed to the fact that a lot of what I wish to accomplish can only be done on the weekends or when the sun is shining. I blame daylight savings aka my mortal enemy. I'll be dreaming of March 8th and springing forward until, well, March 8th. 

Tasi Malibu jena wool jacket and lana wool skort / Tiffany & Co. sunglasses 


  1. Those boots!! this shoot looks fun :)

  2. love this!!

  3. I'm the same hardly had my OTK boots off. Love the cardigan

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