c'est la vie: Visit with Dr. Yana Recap

posted on: Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Photos by: Olivver Simon

C'est la vie! We can't always get what we want- such is life. For me, straight teeth was definitely one of those things. Until now! I finally decided the take the steps toward a smile that I could be proud of. 

Two months ago I paid a visit to Dr. Yana at her crazy beautiful office because after years of debating I finally decided to get...Invisalign! When I was younger I had braces but was a naughty child and never wore my retainer. Biggest. Regret. Ever! Basically my teeth ended up acting like rebellious teenagers that all went and did their own thing aka crooked. Even though I like pouty pictures (my inner Posh Spice) I prefer laughing and smiling throughout most of my day. I feel SO fortunate to have Dr. Yana as my Invisalign dentist because she is absolutely the best in the biz! 

As of now I have had Invisalign for 5 weeks. My initial reaction to wearing the trays was that it did feel a little bulky in my mouth. I also noticed that when I spoke I had a slight lisp. As expected, the bulkiness in my mouth as well as my lisp quickly went away. The first week is all about adjusting. You now wear a retainer for an optimal 22+ hours a day. Don't be worried if you stumble in the beginning when taking them on and off. You will have plenty of practice and will be pro in no time. In the beginning I needed a mirror to put them on. Now, pssshh I can pop them in any time any place! 

As far as any pain, for me personally I have had very little. The most I've experienced was during the first two trays. But again, very minor. The biggest adjustment has been eating. In particular- snacking! Snacking just doesn't really exist when you have Invisalign. A blessing in disguise! You start having the mentality that if you have to take out your trays it better be damn worth it! I've definitely found myself on more of a meal schedule which I personally love.

For the next few months I will be chronicling my Invisalign journey- the good, bad, and ugly! I'll touch more on any personal success and difficulties I encounter, lifestyle changes, and the changes I see in my smile! Next up will be an office tour of the previously mentioned BEAUTIFUL office of Dr. Yana

I am so excited about taking the steps to a great smile. If you have a similar story to me or simply have questions concerning Invisalign or Dr. Yana's Practice please feel free to reach out or leave a comment below. 

Keep smiling babes!

414 N. Camden Drive | Penthouse Suite 1200 | Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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  1. Love the flare jeans and the jacket a lot!!

  2. These pictures are SO much fun! I've always considered adult braces but they are just sooo expensive over here!

    T xx

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