posted on: Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Here I present to you two of my current obsessions- western everything and cut out shoulders. Exhibit A: The Bolo. It's dual functionality as an actual tie, or a droopy necklace, makes it a winner in my eyes. How could I possibly not wear it when donning head to toe denim? Not possible. Although I'm digging the western touches, you probably won't catch me rocking a cowboy hat or throwing back a Bud Light at Stagecoach. Which brings me to the cut out shoulders. They are bigger and better than before, and I still want more! Being that I am the girl who buys a million of the same thing but with slight variations, I'm sure I'll justify adding more shoulder bearing tops to my collection. And for the record- I couldn't disagree more with that naughty leaf.

Volcom top / Urban jeans / Vera Wang heels


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