kemo sabe

posted on: Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I am officially over anything and everything resembling fall/winter. Even though it's already April, winter feels like a lingering ex I just can't shake. I miss wearing shorts at night and crop tops without sweaters- real important stuff! And maxis- lots and lots of maxis. My love affair with these long pieces of cotton is still skipping along just fine. Jeans are just so binding- and like my friend put it so well- "They annoy my ankles." I bought this kimono-esque number from an estate sale months ago. Is it just me or are estate sales a bit eerie? Something doesn't seem right about rummaging through a deceased person's belongings. I think I'll just stick to rolling around in the grass and playing with leaves.

MinkPink bustier / Thrifted kimono / Brandy Melville skirt / Thrifted boots