urban jungle

posted on: Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Let's talk accessories, shall we? The only necklace I usually don is my beloved jade one. My dad brought it back from Thailand for me when I was around 8 and at the time I thought it was hideous- what do kids know anyways? Thankfully, years later I stumbled upon it in my mother's abyss of jewelry. Now I can't take the thing off! Then there's that watch. It was- you guessed it- my dads! I love me some gold watches, but the faded, weathered look of this one keeps it in heavy rotation. So now that we've covered the old- let's get to the new! First comes bolo tie, then comes cowboy collar tips. I think I've fallen in love. Now just add some printed pants, your favorite white blouse, five-inch heels and you're ready to prance around a graffiti wall that has some encouraging words.

American Apparel blouse / Pacsun leopard jeans / Urban heels


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