posted on: Wednesday, October 31, 2012

span style="font-size: large;">There are no two words more beautiful to my ears than "sample sale." Ah yes, the life of a bargain hunter. It's definitely the Filipino in me. Last week I went to a sample sale called Connected Festival in downtown LA in the not at all uncomfortable 103 degree weather. Aside from needing a cold shower, it was a great way to spend some guilt free cash. The main tent I wanted to attack was UNIF. Not surprisingly, everyone else had the same idea. I felt like I was waiting in line for a new ride at Disneyland on the fourth of July and admission was free. It was long. Ok, I'm being a little dramatic. I unfortunately did not snag the booty bearing leather shorts I so desperately wanted but I did score a few things including this crochet number. Uncomfortable weather approved.

UNIF dress and shorts / LF bra / Sam Edelman Louie boot


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