desert diva

posted on: Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I am happy to report that I have fully immersed myself back into real life. Only took a week but I've done far worse in the past. The three day debacle was exactly how I remembered it- hot, crowded, and injected with a copious amount of music. My hands down highlight was seeing Major Lazer. I've heard for years how amazing their show is live and I was definitely not lied to. The word enthralled comes to mind. As well as giant, inflatable hamster ball. Say wha? These photos were taken on the last day. This was my favorite outfit of the bunch. There really is no competing with crochet and bell sleeves now is there? 

Unif dress / Urban bag / Miss KL boot harnesses  


  1. Very beautiful :)

    Radka from

  2. Klodja:
    Lovely smile ;)

  3. Need this dress in my life!
    S xx

  4. This is soooo gorgeous, coachella is defintely on my bucketlist, but since I'm from Europe I think it is almost not possible.
    You look so stunning!

  5. Look great in that dress, the atypical Coachella uniform.

  6. you look so awesome! it kinda saddens me that i cant attend this music festival as i love in singapore. i absolutely love the way you dress, not just in this post but everything! have been enjoying your instagram too ^^