posted on: Monday, August 19, 2013

Now this is what summer days are supposed to be like! Last week I trekked Malibu Creek State Park with some buds to this awesome watering hole. We attempted a "short-cut" that ended up being anything but short. My friend even got poison oak from it. Uh oh. I'm really surprised I wasn't the one with the misfortune considering my middle name is Bad Luck. Anyhoo, it was an ideal way to spend a summer afternoon sipping wine out of the bottle and jumping off rocks like a bunch of crazy people. My jump wasn't exactly volunteered but I'm glad I was taunted into doing it. Nobody likes being the wimp after all. 


  1. Girl, you are all kinds of hot!

    xo Jennifer


  2. these photos are just amazing! makes me miss summer! xx


  3. You should be Fashion Toast level, Jill! Or better yet, top her!

    You have brilliant style editing.

    Your boyfriend (I'm assumming?) takes better photography. Good eye on what makes a great shot.

    You have such a pretty face that makes people want to confess their sins to you.

    You have a killer bod. (and not disturbingly i-count-toothpaste-as-calories-too skinny like you know who)

    So in summary, keep up the great blog posts! You have the potential to be in the top blogs. And if you do, please just promise to stay grounded and not become a snob, k.

    1. Meg, you are too sweet! Seriously made my day!! My boyfriend does take my pictures and I am SO grateful because he's got such a great eye (he says, "Thanks!" btw). Thanks for following me and for the inspirational words :)

      And don't worry, forever a humble goof I will be.

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