refinery 29 x little black boots

posted on: Friday, December 27, 2013

Does this top look familiar? Yes, I did wear it in my last post! So let's talk turtlenecks...those sweaters where the material rushes passed your collarbone with complete disregard and creeps up your neck. Some might call them old-fashioned and dated, but I call them timeless and elegant. I am happy to see their reemergence in fashion this winter. The last time I remember being into turtlenecks was back in early 2000 when I had a plethora of them in pink, white, you name it. And although I have dabbled a bit in the past year, I feel like this is the turtleneck’s time to shine once again. The chunky, cable knit variety will always be my favorite, but I’m very into the new ways I’ve been seeing them styled. One look I’m loving is a turtleneck underneath a buttoned-up collared shirt. Another is layering a turtleneck sweater underneath, gasp, another sweater! If I have not yet convinced you, may I remind you of how Katherine Hepburn and Diane Keaton perfected the art of the turtleneck. Whether you like them short, long, oversized, or in the form of a dress; there’s one out there for everyone and new ways of styling them to be experimented with. 

Head over to Refinery 29 to read my latest article and check out my picks for the raddest turtlenecks this season!

Vintage turtleneck (similar here) / Topshop skirt / Vintage belt / Zara heels


  1. amazing outfit! So much kisses:) If you want visit my blogg:)

  2. I love this look! It's elegant, yet chic and hip.


    1. Thank you! Definitely a different look for me but I love it! xx

  3. cute look... love the skirt.

  4. Your photos are always absolutely beautiful! Your posts are so involved and personal too, I love your blog.

    Beth xo.

  5. Amazing outfit and photos! You're flawless!

  6. Wow you look super cute! love all the pieces!

  7. you are so so so so so so so beautiful!!!!

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  8. You're gorgeous! I love your style too. Following you on bloglovin' now. =)


  9. Thank you! Your blog is gorgeous!

  10. This skirt is amazing! And I love how you paired it with a chunky turtle neck.