madonna inn

posted on: Thursday, December 5, 2013

So this is the final batch of photos from my road trip adventure up the California coast ::tear:: On our way to Big Sur, my boyfriend and I stopped at the Madonna Inn. I've been wanting to check this place out for years so hallelujah that it finally happened. It is just as quirky and over the top as I pictured it. So many lights and bright colors it's hard not to fall in love with it. The decor was especially over the top thanks to the holiday season. Score. The dining area is the main event with its giant beaded chandelier and hot pink booths, but the crown jewel in my eyes is the men's bathroom. Yes, the men's bathroom! I should preface this by saying there were no gentlemen using the facilities at the time I barged in. So instead of a urinal, the men get to relieve themselves into a large rock waterfall. Some people just have all the luck. Such an amazing trip with my partner in crime boyfriend. I love traveling with him especially since he lets me sing so loud and obnoxiously in the car. Onto the next one!  

Lavish Alice pleated dress & chunky boots / American Apparel opaque socks 


  1. I really love this b&w outfit! x

  2. What amazing place and photoshoot is great.

    "Mixing plaids around the holidays"! - New blog post on:

  3. You are so damn pretty <3 love your style! :* kisses from Poland

  4. Beautiful dress, love that collar!

    xo Jennifer

  5. Beautiful dress! You look great!