saltwater gypsy

posted on: Sunday, January 12, 2014

It's pretty easy to find kimonos these days. Maybe a little too easy. But to find an amazing one is a whole other story. I'm very picky when it comes to wearing one of these oh-so-drapey, might as well be a bathrobe, garments. I often find with kimonos that the material is too sheer, the sleeves are too short, and the fringe is, well, cheap looking. I'm definitely not balling out of control over here but I would rather go for quality or nothing at all. Ya feel meh? This has all been a very roundabout way of saying I really dig this kimono! Four words for you: brocade floral burnout velvet. I mean. If you're in the market for some dreamy gypsy goods, Saltwater Gypsy is where it's at. And when it comes to killer kimonos, there's just no contest!

Saltwater Gypsy fringe kimonoShow Me Your Mumu bam bam bells / UNIF slayher muscle tank / Zara boots 


  1. love the kimono!

  2. You look stunning! Loving this gorgeous, editorial-like style of shooting <3

  3. You look absolutely stunning. I love your style because it's stylish and edgy! Absolutely love it!

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  4. You never fail to amaze me. You and Zach are unstoppable.

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  6. love the spreads-paul