lace & whiskey

posted on: Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I've been really into florals lately. Florals during summer- shocking. These days I'm either in a dress or bell bottoms. Really doing my part to perpetuate that Southern California stereotype. I follow a lot of New York bloggers a couple of girls in Europe. I see their more polished and monochromatic outfits and I think to myself, YES, I want to be that. But guess what? I turn right around and throw that boho for days outfit on. Can't teach a dog new tricks indeed. 

Lace & Whiskey alina dress / Onna Ehrlich bag / Dailylook necklace


  1. Heartbeats for your hat, rad combo with the boots!

  2. Very cute and summery dress!

  3. Jill, amazing summer outfit! Beautiful! Please don't change to be more like the New York or European bloggers--my daughter, who writes the Arizona Girl Blog (shameless plug), and I follow you because of your whimsical bohemian style, your party-girl festival looks, and your BA grunge boldness. You are perfect and we LOVE your blog!

  4. Beautiful dress, your photos are gorgeous too

  5. I thought the same way of trying the crip cut, monochrome look but it's just not me. I can do simple, yes, but not too simple, ya know? Besides, the florals look nice on you with those booties that need to get in my closet now! ♡

    xx AlexisSplash

  6. So cute

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