red, red, wine

posted on: Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The minute I saw this dress I immediately knew I had to have it. All that lace plus the lace...up. Just too good! I ideally would wear it with tights and a leather jacket. But such layers are not permitted quite yet. And yes, I can't seem to take these boots off. They just spice up an outfit in no time flat! Lacey frocks aside, I have a pretty busy week. No rest for the wicked that's what I say! There was a period last year where I found myself aching for more to do. So when I have my occasional meltdown due to feeling overwhelmed, I remind myself of that time. Stay hungry, never thirsty my friends. Also, I'm having a closet sale this Saturday, the 18th, in Costa Mesa. If you live in the area, you definitely must stop by even if it is just to say hello! I'll post more details on my Instagram soon! Til we meet again babes. 


  1. Love the dress and the sandals a lot!

  2. ahh love this dress! so so so beautiful and looks killer with those shoes! x

  3. Wow that dress is stunning! Works perfectly with the lace up shoes too, love!

  4. Stunning!

  5. Of course you had to have it, it's stunning

  6. Gorgeous dress! What a good find! Reminds me of a Lover dress.


  7. I have this new boots I bought at So comfortable!

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