may flowers

posted on: Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Photos by: Will Tee Yang 

May is here and it's coming in with a vengeance. After a whirlwind of  a month filled with more birthdays than I can count, two weekends of Coachella, and MOVING...the dust is settling and a new 31 days is here to tackle. I have spurts of being constantly on-the-go where I never think twice about it. But then the days come where my tank feels a bit empty. I like to call myself a social introvert. (Google it if you aren't familiar!) Sometimes I require downtime alone to fill that tank back up. This may or may not include binge watching Game of Thrones and finally finishing Scandal on Netflix.  

Trying to not let any opportunities pass me by, while also keeping my day to day obligations fulfilled, can sometimes be hard. But with all that said, life right now is pretty fun. I don't know exactly when it happened but I'm happy to report that I managed to score a newfound energy. Falling into a rut is easy. Avoiding it- challenging. So I'd be a fool not to take advantage of how I'm feeling right now. Time to take chances, step out of my comfort zone, and push harder than I was before. I'll sleep when I'm dead. That's the rule right? 

Faithfull the Brand cabana playsuit / Brixton vega wool hat / Vanessa Mooney bardot bolo tie necklace  


  1. Love the playsuit and the hat a lot!

  2. Love these photos so much! You look so incredible, I love the print of the jumpsuit too!

    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

  3. I feel the same exact way at the moment! I'm a designer, I haven't 'made it' - I have moments of wondering whether I should keep going in this direction or often times I feel stuck in a creative rut. But after my recent trip to Machu Picchu, Peru I'm refreshed and my creative energy is off the charts! Great post and a good reminder to pause and take time to fill my tank so that I can avoid those creative ruts!

  4. Love this! That romper is so cute!

  5. you look so lovely Jill, the romper is gorgeous and you just look the perfect California chic <3

  6. Absolutely beautiful images! I adore this playsuit on you!

    Tara x

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