ThirdLove 24/7 Balconette Bra

posted on: Friday, June 30, 2017

I spend a lot of time talking about the clothes I’m wearing, but today I want to talk about what’s going on underneath those outfits. They may not always be seen, but bras play a big role in how we look and feel. Enter: ThirdLove

I used to not pay much attention to the bras I was wearing. You don’t see them so what’s the big deal right? Oh how wrong I was. I currently I got rid of my old, ill-fitting bras to make way for the new because I realized two things.

For starters, a bra determines your silhouette and shape under those cute tops and dresses. Secondly, when you feel confident with what you’re wearing underneath your clothes, that confidence will absolutely shine through how you inevitably carry yourself.

ThirdLove creates their bras with you in mind. Their passion is for the perfect fit and understanding that women come in different shapes and sizes so much so that they offer half sizes. Half sizes! I highly recommend using their ‘Fit Finder’ to find a bra that works best for you. Even better, they have the option to try the first bra for free before buying. Head here to learn more. 

I have two favorites from ThirdLove. The first is the 24/7 Lace Blaconette Bra which I’m wearing above. It is incredibly comfortable which is number one when it comes to underwire bras and anything you have to wear all day. My second favorite is their 24/7 Classic Strapless Bra which every girl needs in black and nude in my opinion.

ThirdLove has an amazing color options for summer right now and I’ve linked my favorites below. Incredibly beautiful so don't be afraid to let that lace peek through a tank or tee. I also highly
suggest springing for the matching bottoms. When your bra and underwear match you really feel like you have your life together!

I can’t say enough great things about this brand. I genuinely have never worn bras that fit and feel the way they do. I promise you guys won’t be disappointed!


  1. You look so pretty!! I love the color of your hair and the whole outfit! Also, you are an inspiration!! I am from El Salvador and seeing your blog and your Instagram inspires me to keep up with my little blog I love so much. Thanks for motivating people!!

    Sending love,


  2. I LOVE IT ! The first pic is #goal

  3. I've never heard about ThirdLove, but after this article I will definitely try it! Thanks for sharing with us, Jill **

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