Après Workout With UGG

posted on: Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The holiday season is ON. I love this time of year but it definitely adds a lot more bustle to my usual daily hustle. Because of the added stress (and through the roof calorie intake) I make it a point to work out more and find ways to decompress. Après workout or after a long day of running around the city I think it's so important to find some much needed "me" time. I've partnered up with UGG and SIX:02 to show you just that.

Los Angeles has no shortage of beautiful museums, palm tree lined streets, and coffee/juice/matcha shops galore. The weather is undeniable beautiful all year round here so I feel incredibly lucky to be able to still walk around and take it all in without getting frost bite. It's the little things, you know?

I have will forever be an UGG girl. I've been wearing them religiously since I was a teen and I love how they've expanded their collection with everything from the classics, to lace up boots, to loafers. 

I keep a tall pair at home for around the house and this Classic Mini Crushed Velvet pair in my car to wear after a workout class or hike. A matcha latte or juice from Naturewell usually follows soon after that. How very LA of me.

What are your favorite ways to wind down after a workout or long day? Tips and tricks are much appreciated!

Boots: UGG
Jacket: H&M (similar here, here, here, and here)
Sweater: J.O.A.
Leggings: Under Armour


  1. Wow that coat is beautiful, lovely photos too! I used to wear uggs all the time, not so much anymore though x

    LoneTeenTraveller | Travel Fashion Lifestyle

  2. LA sanctuary


  3. Well darling another great post . Zach took some great shots
    Happy Thanksgiving Weekend.
    Dress The Part

  4. such a gorgeous shoot babes! very into uggs, my favorite at home hanging shoe :)

  5. Such a pretty look!


  6. So amazing place for a shooting!! I love the coziness of this outfit. The coat and the beret is an amazing combo. You look so stylish!

  7. Oh wow it is very stylish. It seems to me that understanding the fashion is in the girls in the blood. And with those who say that to look like a million need a million dollars, I'm ready to argue. The main thing that the girl had a sense of taste like you.

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