denim daddy long legs

posted on: Saturday, March 29, 2014

Last week I went to New York where the weather is less than warm. So I shot this outfit right when I got home and relished in being able to run around at night in a muscle tee. Speaking of New York - it was awesome! Unfortunately my sleep schedule was all out of wack. Being jet-lagged coupled with bars closing at 4 am is a recipe for disaster. But I did get to eat a lot of amazing food and see even more amazing friends. Can't wait to share photos from my trip. In the mean time, you can check out my Instagram that is chock full of my NYC snippets. Until next time my friends! 

Show Me Your Mumu Billy Bob Overalls / Stela 9 pacaya bag / The Laundry Room muscle tee / Greylin moto jacket / American Apaprel bra / Vanessa Mooney jewelry


  1. Awesome ovrealls and great look!

  2. You look so cool with this outfit! Love the bag so much!

  3. those overalls are bad ass girl!!! love this. can i ask you what kind of flash you use to get that affect?!! i need to get my flash skills up.

    francesca from Frank Vinyl