the roof is on fire

posted on: Friday, April 4, 2014

When I saw this jumpsuit it was complete love at first sight. Suddenly I had visions of shiny balls hanging from the ceiling and flashing bright lights. Disco fever had set in. This bad boy is absolutely a showstopper. Sometimes I worry about going out and being too over or under dressed. Love that this can completely work for both scenarios. I will not be taking this beauty to Coachella next week, but I do have an arsenal of goodies that I can't wait to share with you all! Who's crazy like me and hitting the desert again this year?

Stone Cold Fox stardust jumpsuit via Dailylook / Vanessa Mooney empress ring & earth's eye ring 


  1. This look is amazing ! love your shoes. kisses

  2. You look amazing! Great photoshoot!

    1. Amazing and outclass fashionwear just a ballbottom pants with girls like you, all the boys going to be flat. But somehow I am gonna be in deep trouble because I have a big Journal website and need of journal article writing services because in my press release I have to submit is after a week.

  3. pretty nice outfit!

    love it

  4. when I saw the first photo, I might say WOW
    but after scroll down I'm speechless
    you do have a bunch of great shots, and look

    visit mine,
    Miss Aa

  5. This jumpsuit is absolutely fire.

  6. Your body is so perfect, this dungarees is beautiful on you <3

  7. I love this on you.. it really was meant for your long boday.

    and that's one blue ass sky!!

  8. love these open looks-paul

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