live in levi's

posted on: Friday, September 5, 2014

The western vibes are alive and well! I've teamed up with Levi's and Lookbook for a fun collab which was made even better because I got to shoot it with my boo Eugenie of Feral Creature. But wait, there's more. Our tag team blog escapade was shot by our other boo, Michelle! So amazing having such talented, babe-ing friends. Never have I ever shot blog pics with a friend before so this was quite the treat. We both threw on our favorite Levi's piece and transformed into some denim divas. I loved seeing how different our styling was for the shoot. I of course couldn't escape my boho ways. Eugenie is a chameleon and can pull off so many styles. This day she went the preppy route. Très chic. I'm excited to wear this denim western shirt all the way through winter. Do I sense a Canadian tuxedo in my future? The answer is yes. Yes I do. 


  1. Love the shirt with these pants!

  2. Really cool shots! Love your pants!

  3. awesome pics!

  4. the pants are great! and i love your whole outfit, especially for the cowboy-vibe!

  5. Wow amazing ! I love it ! your pant is awesome !
    Saskia! xo

  6. The last picture is so cute!
    The smile of you both is so gorgeous :)

    xo Josie

  7. 2 beautiful sexy models collaborating perfect -paul

  8. Absolutely amazing
    S xx

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