the craft

posted on: Saturday, September 13, 2014

It doesn't seem like the temperatures here in LA are dying down any time soon. We're in a heat wave y'all. It's a funny coincidence considering this is the time of year when most girls start to get the itch for fall clothing. The cries of women yearning to wear coats and boots can be heard and felt throughout the southern California lands. We're like ugh, I'm so over you tank top and denim shorts. Until the temperatures drop, I will be donning outfits that I consider transitional just to pretend like it's a necessary move (it's not). I'm currently gravitating towards dark, gothy, vamp vibes. Had to rock my favorite pair of Dr. Martens with this look cause, duh. Right now Dr. Martens is asking everyone the question, "What do you stand for?" Other than in line for some really bomb tacos, I definitely stand for individuality. I gravitate towards people who don't simply follow the crowd. Everything from what they say, to what they do, is tried and true. And because I cannot have one without the other, I also stand for genuine people with genuine hearts. Being sincere is as important to me as having the proper salsa options for my tacos. So in the end, I stand for the free-thinkers who would never, ever, fathom hiding one ounce of it. 

Gypsy Warrior suspender skirt and velvet dagger choker / Dr. Martens holly platforms 


  1. We're surprisingly having lovely September in the UK too. That top is gorgeous

  2. Wow, what a sexy look.

  3. Lovely creepers!

  4. So cool! Love the off the shoulder top and the pinafore dress!

  5. Such a cool look
    Love how you've styled it up
    S xx

  6. hot sexy goth look-paul

  7. jeepers creepers you're my favorite witch ever!

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