big black boots

posted on: Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Although little black boots hold a dear place in my heart, I am quite utterly obsessed with the over-the-knee variety. When Stuart Weitzman came out with the "Highland" I damn near had a heart attack. I then fully had a heart attack when I saw the retail price. It was a great reminder that you can't always get what you want. But my patience paid off and many months later I have a similar pair to call my own. I am a woman of extremes when it comes to heel heights and that is mainly due to what flatters my legs the best. My rule is that they either need to be very low on the ankle or shoot way past my knee. Play up what you have and say a big fat WHATEVA to anything you don't. Styled my new boot-iful kicks with a full outfit from Stillwater LA. Think minimal, bohemian Cali girl. Sign me up. And then up again. Definitely a new favorite.  

Stillwater LA the my mini, button-front maxi, and double buckle belt / Revolve Clothing ocean boot


  1. Looking stunning!

  2. Absolutely love this look! I'm lusting over black knee-highs even more now.

    Beth xo.

  3. Hi gipsy! I love that cross at the front!!!!!!

  4. ahh this is gorgeous! those boots are insane x

  5. So cool and inspirational! I love this outfit! Perfect jacket!


  6. You look stunning. Those boots are amazing.

    Eea P

  7. Lusting over that long kimono!
    S xx

  8. You look stunning
    Love your boots

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  9. Those boots are awesome, good things come to those who wait

  10. Awesome outfits!!!
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