the city sleeps

posted on: Friday, November 14, 2014

I definitely would classify myself as a creature of the night. I love staying up late which I always pay for the next morning. Let us not get this penchant for drawn out evenings as my way of saying I love going to bars, clubs, or other types of watering holes. But I do thoroughly enjoy grabbing some late night grub and being able to actually have a conversation with someone over a beer. Took it to the streets this particular night with a warm jacket, my go-to layering pieces from Sigalie, and my new Shelly's London kicks. Sometimes I ask myself if it's possible to have too many little black boots? To which I simply reply, "Nope."     

Shelly's London comparni leather boot / Motel Rocks leopard coat / Sigalie beaded and cotton cord necklaces / Lack of Color montana mirage hat


  1. Many times you use the white t-shirt....I love it.
    Cutie fur

  2. I love your blog so much, your photography style is really cool too!

    Emma at

  3. I love this outfit! Images on point x

  4. Love that fur coat, it´s gorgeous!

  5. Awesome look! I love that last photo, such a good shot!

  6. Hey fellow creature of the night, you look amazing as always! And yes, no one should ever have to say no to the little black boots and if they did say no, trust them only a little (heh..) Every time I visit your blog, I just cannot get over how much I admire everything about it, apart from your cool fashion sense, the neat layout and write-up =D xx

    missreverie | Fashionista NOW

  7. Perfect yoour leopard coat

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

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    You look nice in the pics.
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