LBB Lust List: Timeless White Blazers

posted on: Tuesday, August 2, 2016

There are a few things that should be in every girl's closet. A checklist if you will. I've talked about this in a previous post that was all about investing in your wardrobe. If you missed it, definitely give it a peek for my scoop on what is what and why is why. 

One thing I mentioned was a meaningful piece of jewelry. For me that includes a necklace my dad gave me when I was younger and a gold bracelet that used to be my grandmother's. Another was a gold watch that my dad had essentially got over and stopped using. It didn't really have any meaning at the time other than Mary-Kate and Ashley were my end-all-be-all and oversized gold watches were trending because of them. I wore it constantly. Funnily enough, the thing didn't even work! Old battery I suppose. But since then, watches have held a sappy little corner of my heart. 

Accessorizing should be done in a tasteful way. Much like belts, watches can tie a look together. I was really drawn to this watch by Cluse for a couple of reasons. Silver goes amazingly well with white and denim plus I thought the black dial was such a great contrast. But it doesn't end with just a watch. That's like saying you just want one scoop of ice cream- we're better than that. 

To add to the look, I like to pair watches with one or several bracelets. Variety is key so make it a mix of thin and chunky ones. For this look I opted for one bracelet and a couple of rings. Also don't be afraid to mix metals. This time I went the all silver route, but if your rings and belt buckle don't all match- that's fine! You're in the metallic family and they compliment each other. 

So there it is. Why I have a special love for watches because they remind me of my dad and Mary-Kate and Ashley. Kind of a bizarre reason; but, it's my bizarre reason. 


  1. love this watch!


  2. Love this look with statement pieces! The boots are gorgeous!

  3. This whole look is perfect! Love the boots too

    Hayley-Eszti |

  4. Lovely watch, funnily i used to have watches all the time as a kid but i dont think i own one now!

    Dana || Hawaii Series on

  5. Where are those sunglasses from?

  6. Just discovered you blog and I'm blown away by it!
    I'd love it if you checked mine out!

  7. Oh me like the lust list! love love this.


  8. I'm so in love with your style and this Cluse watch is bomb

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