LBB TRAVELS: Dominican Republic Part 1

posted on: Monday, August 8, 2016

She likes adventure! A couple weeks ago I ventured to the Dominican Republic for a quick trip that didn't disappoint. This day was my absolute favorite. We jumped in our rental and drove to our first stop of the day: Montana RedondaTo say I had a blast is putting it lightly. 

You park your car at the bottom, and then pay for the transport up the treacherous mountain. Fresh coconut for a little extra if you please. The ride up was HOLY GUACAMOLE bumpy. I couldn't stop laughing at us trying to Snapchat the view while simultaneously trying not to fly out the window. 

Once at the top you are greeted to what can only be described as an elevated playground on crack. The view is incredible and the star of the show had to be the swings. Oh my goodness these swings. At first it is scary but that dissipates very quickly. You quickly switch into giggly school girl mode. 

I highly, highly recommend going here if you are in the Dominican!

Blouse: Asos

After flying high, the beach seemed like the next best option. Fast forward to Macao Beach. 

It's a quaint little beach spot that was very much my vibe. I loved that it wasn't very crowded, the water was calm and warm, and uber picturesque. 

If you've followed my blog for a bit now, you know I am obsessed with white dresses. A bride without a wedding if you will. I can't get enough so I'm sharing my favorite white dresses of the moment down below!

Dress: Luna Soul
Bandana: Asos

After a hard day's work (hehe), what better way to end it than with some lobster cooked on the beach and a couple Presidente Light's! This little eatery was tucked in the corner and fulfilled my one wish of the entire trip- to eat lobster on the beach! 

The family that owned the restaurant was incredibly sweet. A characteristic found amongst everyone we encountered in this beautiful country. 

So before the storm rolled in, we grubbed on lobster, rice, and plantains. YOU GUYS. That's the vibe. 

I love reliving this day because it really was one of my favorites. Stay tuned for my next recap that will include all the swim I wore on this trip!


  1. dreamy experience!


  2. Great looks! The second one is so stylish!

  3. love this post ! Beautiful pictures

  4. Gorgeous travel diary, looks like such a beautiful place!


  5. the pic in the swing is supeeeer, FREEEEEEEDOM

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    Adelynn P

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