Sanuk Yoga Sling Sandals

posted on: Wednesday, May 24, 2017

I'll admit shoe wall runneth over. But even with a very healthy selection I do see a pattern when it comes to what I actually don on my feet and what ends up collecting dust. Comfort and style go hand-in-hand for me. Why sacrifice one when you can have them both?

I've teamed up with Sanuk to introduce you to what has and will be my go-to sandal for this spring/summer season- the Sanuk Yoga Sling Sandal.  

YOU GUYS- I cannot stress how comfortable they are. The footbeds are made out of literal yoga mats. You feel like you are walking on clouds. Then you have the double stretch fabric that adds interest and an edge. 

I styled my Yoga Sling Sandals with my LA girl uniform- denim, a white tee, and leather jacket. The sandals would also look great with:

+ white relaxed fit jeans, white tee, straw bag
+ black denim shorts, gingham blouse, round sunnies
+ high waist floral skirt, knit crop top, straw hat

I love that Sanuk created a sandal that can be interpreted for so many lifestyles, terrains, and situations. From lunch meeting to shoots- this California girl was happy. Next I think a trip to the beach is necessary. 

Would love to hear your thoughts below on how you stay stylish and comfortable this season! 

Shoes: Sanuk
Tee: Betches
Skirt: Zara
Jacket: Rudsak
Bag: Tony Bianco


  1. Love this look! The denim skirt and the tee are both so cute!

  2. It's a bold decision to mix leather jacket and yoga sandals. Truly punk-rock city style!

    1. I totally agree, bold move!! And thank you! I like to think I'm a beach/city girl hybrid :)

    2. You're always welcome Jill ;)

  3. I love how casual, yet impactful your outfit is. Comfort is key!

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  5. I really love wearing sweats sneakers and a tee or denim a cute top and some sandals. However those aren't so stylish at times. I'm looking into getting sandals that have a little heel so my feet don't hurt all the time.

  6. I absolutely love this look!! The shoes are gorgeous, so original. And the skirt is a perfect casual piece combined with this tee. You look amazing!!

  7. Hey Jill,
    this is my first comment on your blog. Wow, you have a amazing style!
    I started to follow you :)

    xoxo, cherrytracy

  8. These sandals do look hella stylish and you've styled them beautifully. Looove that tee! In the UK we only get 1 week of summer so I stick with floats dresses ;)

    T x

  9. Girl you make flats look GOOD. I love this lewkkkkk.

  10. Really loving this look Jill!

  11. They look super comfy. I love that tee though, very cute print
    livinginaboxx | bloglovin