Sephora Fragrance Find: Nest Black Tulip

posted on: Friday, May 19, 2017

Every season I like to switch things up. Whether that's with my hair (hello short cut I love you), my wardrobe, or in this case- my scent!

One thing that remains the same is the fact that Sephora will always be my go-to for finding new fragrances. Ok I know what you're thinking...why? Finding a new scent can be tough so the trick is to shop somewhere that has the most variety but also doesn't leave you feeling overwhelmed. I love that Sephora carries all the iconic, big names we are familiar with but also houses a selection of cool, niche fragrances that have interesting stories behind them. You can weigh in on all your options and make the best decision before buying. I never suffer from fomo there. 

A fragrance that has been on my radar and I am so happy to finally  try is NEST Black Tulip. Think warm florals, black amber plums, and Japanese violet. Do I have your attention yet? So amazing!

What draws me to it is the perfect mix of sophistication, fun, and flirtiness. The fragrance is rich but not overwhelming which is major when choosing a scent for me. It's a seductive, warm, peppery fragrance so I could see myself wearing this during the evenings for a night out. I love having a warm floral as an option! 

NEST Black Tulip will definitely be tucked away in my purse or in my carry-on during trips all summer long. I love discovering new scents and honestly when you know. This one is a keeper. 

I've linked 4 more lust-worthy picks below. Would love to hear about any fragrances you've fallen head over heels for in the comment section!